The table that transforms and unites, where bread and wine

sustains us, is incomplete without you.

The table creates a common space, where we sit face to face, where we can communicate to each other and share our experiences. 

The table is at the heart of our humanity. Through the hospitality of the table, we begin to build community.

The table is at the heart of our liturgy as well. Through the hospitality of the Lord’s Table, we celebrate life as communion with God, as a “foretaste” of the heavenly banquet.

The Lord comes to our table so we can gather at his table. 

The power of the communion contained in the Eucharistic bread is not meant to remain on the altar, but is to be shared. From the table of the altar this communion is communicated to the tables of our ordinary lives. 

From the table of worship, the life-giving energy of the Eucharistic bread transcends the defined boundaries of ritual, and, while it produces fruits of holiness, it also produces genius and creative imagination.

From one table to other we are all invited to share our common journey of faith, hope and love.

This website is designed as a “table” where you can meet with the saints and artists who represent the “home table” of the papal basilicas in Rome.

Therefore, there is an empty seat at the table: yours!



Why the table, Thomas O'Loughlin